An anti-aging ingredient you’re probably not using, but should!

Did you know that Bakuchiol is a functional analogue of topical retinoids (vitamin A)? This means that although it has no structural resemblance to topical retinoids, it works on the same receptors in our skin to improve fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation and congestion.
What does IWD mean to you? KA: International Women’s Day is a time to be grateful for all the amazing women in my life who have mentored, cared for, and inspired me – from my Mum, to close friends, and teachers.
Beauty fridges gained a cult following in 2022, claiming to 'revolutionise your routine' promising to be the 'the secret weapon you never knew you needed.' But is there any clinical benefit to our skin when storing your products in a beauty fridge?
If you're hoping to achieve healthy, youthful skin, then these should be number 1 in your skin care regime. Let's take a deep dive and see why DNA Repair Enzymes have been dubbed FUNDAMENTAL for skin health.
Did you know you could be sabotaging your skin by not cleansing appropriately every day? Sometimes, the simple solution is the one that works! We take a look at double cleansing and why you need to take it up ASAP.
It's well known that regular exercise is great for your overall health, so it should be no surprise that prioritising a workout can have a significant impact on your skin. We've asked Dermatologist Dr Katherine Armour to answer your burning questions on how breaking a sweat can benefit your complexion. 
You may have noticed the rise in skin care products promising to deliver prebiotics to our skin, in order to repair and protect our skin's microbiome. But how effective are they really?