ASCD Symposium 2019 Wrap Up


Each year, the Australasian Society for Cosmetic Dermatology holds a symposium that spans 3 days and engages with every relevant and cutting edge cosmeceutical conversation globally. This year, the ASCD Symposium was held at Sydney’s Hilton Hotel from 20th - 22nd September and we were there to highlight the prowess of the Bespoke Skin Technology brand, whilst rubbing shoulders with the who’s who of cosmetic dermatology to find out all the latest skincare news and findings.

The ASCD Symposium was established to bring together thought leaders from around the world to present a focused learning event across every aspect of cosmetic dermatology. With skin care being a major element, Bespoke Skin Technology was in attendance and involved in each dynamic facet.


Now in its fourth year, the ASCD is chaired by our very own co-founder, Assoc. Prof. Greg Goodman with fellow Bespoke Skin Technology co-founder, Dr Katherine Armour chairing a session on skin care controversies, as well as partaking in a dynamic Q&A session with Cosmetic Chemist Terri Vinson (Synergie Skincare), Makeup Artist Rae Morris, and Dermatologist’s Dr. Cara McDonald ( Complete Skin Specialistsand Dr. Nina Wines (North Sydney Dermatology) 

This Q&A session looked at four common skin problems seen by Dermatologists, and how we can treat them from a medical and procedural perspective. Katherine discussed treatment options for the red, sensitive face; sun damage, melasma and acne.  Terry provided input on appropriate cosmeceuticals for each of the above concerns, while Rae gave us her amazing expert tips on what make up will work best to enhance the appearance of the skin in the four above situations (with special use of our very own Active Combat Zinc Stick which is a handy contouring tool as well as foundation and secondary sun protection).


With a platform as dynamic as the ASCD Symposium, lively and powerful conversations are nurtured amongst huge collective industry knowledge banks which give rise to incredible insights and shared findings within the dermatological and cosmeceutical industries. This year was no different and the prevailing conversation, centred around a dedicated talk, was the distinct benefit in the use of physical sunscreens and the profound elevation of the product to protect and combat sunburn, skin disease and skin cancers when they contain iron oxides. 

At Bespoke, we have harnessed the power of zinc oxide as a primary ingredient in our Complete Daily Armour and Active Combat Stick. Zinc oxide, and 3 key iron oxide pigments, not only defend against damage from the sun’s ultraviolet radiation but prevent the development of unwanted pigmentation, including that caused by blue light exposure. The combination of zinc and resveratrol also help to retain moisture and reduce inflammation.


Aside from the immense opportunity to share and collect knowledge, the ASCD Symposium 2019 once again hosted an exciting, inspiring and vast array of activations. Representing everything from advancements in laser treatments, new trends in makeup, and the introduction of new skin care products and brands, Bespoke Skin Technology was in good company with this year being our most successful activation to date. We are busily re-stocking our inventory after selling out of our Lip Shield & Repair entirely and coming close with both our Day & Night offerings thanks to the highly curated, no-fuss nature of the products. 

Thank you for having us ASCD. We can’t wait to do it all over again next year!

Images by Woodrow Wilson.

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