Skin Spring Clean

I feel like the transition from Winter to Spring is the one we embrace with the most enthusiasm. The sense of hibernation lifts literally overnight and within the blink of an eye the shop windows are filled with floral dresses, eye lines and hemlines lift, and a general sense of social conviviality takes hold that has been largely absent (without the help of a glass or two) for the past months. With this new found passion for life we all love to jump headlong into a good, old fashioned spring clean. But it’s not just the house that needs a thorough dusting off. After months of absent sunlight coupled with the assault of reverse cycle heating, our skin needs a bit of TLC to help it shed its winter layers too. 


# 1 - Dry, itchy heater -exposed skin

Although we are lucky to enjoy a relatively temperate climate in Australia, Melbourne, Adelaide and Hobart in particular still hit some real lows. We all hang about inside and crank the heating to stave off the chill which has a detrimental affect on our skin. Damaging the skin barrier, causing dryness leading to itchiness, is the number one pet skin hate in the colder months. A lot of us combat the dehydration by lathering on extra hydrating products. Now that its Spring, try turning to a lighter option that contains DNA Repair Enzymes and Vitamin A - to increase cell turnover - (such as Bespoke’s Complete Daily Armour) to repair damage within the skin whilst boosting the skin’s natural cell repair process. A great lip balm such As Bespoke’s Lip Shield & Repair is also an essential staple to replenish chapped winter damaged lips. 

#2 - Getting That Spring Glow 

Many dermatologists will warn against exfoliating the delicate facial skin too often. And for good reason. The process can strip the surface skin of essential oils and healthy bacteria that provide a stable environment and ward off contaminants. Over exfoliating can disturb the precious skin barrier leading to irritation. So, to eradicate that dry winter skin, try a gentle in-clinic peel instead and add anti-pigmentation brightening products to your skincare arsenal that include ingredients like niacinamide, vitamin C, resveratrol, ferulic acid, liquorice root, and retinaldahyde.   

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#3 - Marie Kondo Your Bathroom

The formidable Marie Kondo has made a lucrative career out of the art of tidying. And for good reason! In winter, we all tend to turn into hoarders and our bathroom cabinets are no exception. If you have products in your bathroom that are open but have remained unused for 6 months plus, throw them out! Bacteria will be thriving in the moist warmth making these products hazardous to the good health of your skin.

#4 - Up Your SPF

During the winter months you can be forgiven for being a little lax on the SPF front. With the ever tempting lure of the outdoors as the days start to become longer and sunnier it is important to up your SPF application. Try adding a zinc stick to your arsenal. Available in 6 shades, Bespoke Skin Technology's powerful little wonder provides buildable makeup coverage as well as essential secondary sun protection, making it the perfect beauty staple this Spring.


Complete Daily Armour

Lip Shield & Repair

Active Combat Zinc Stick


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