Spring Racing Skin Schedule

Spring Racing season is easily one the biggest events in Melbourne’s bursting at the seams social calendar. Every year it comes charging up before we have really had time to shake off the winter cobwebs and acknowledge the suddenly consistently warm(ish) days. So, in an effort of timely enthusiasm, we thought we’d bring you the ultimate motivation to start in on a schedule that will have your skin glowing and race ready by the time the Caulfield Cup heralds the start of the racing season.

It’s amazing what can be achieved with a little time and patience. When it comes to your skin, consistent skin care can literally turn your skin from drab to fab. The cardinal rule being the combined use of a great skin care regime with dedicated application (as well as rest and restoration and a healthy diet of course). Our skin completely regenerates every 28 days so now is the perfect time to start a skin resolution because, remember this, no matter how great the dress, race ready skin puts a full stop and an exclamation mark on your total look.


It’s time to commit to that one thing you never do but know you should. TAKE YOUR MAKEUP OFF BEFORE GOING TO BED! It’s a proven fact that skin ageing is 7 times faster for those who repeatedly sleep with a days worth of makeup remnants and accumulated pollutants still on their skin. For those who don’t already, we suggest using Bioderma Sensibio H20 micellar water as a first step and then getting your hands on a gentle yet powerful cleanser such as La Roche-Posay Toleriane Dermo Cleanser, followed by the committed use of our Complete Night Shield to really get the ultimate skin restoration happening while your sleep.


There are a treasure trove of minor treatments available our there that will elicit this comment from your nearest and dearest. Whether its due to a hydra facial or the endless benefits of lasers and injectables, now is the perfect time to look into your options. 

If you are not yet ready for the more invasive and costly array of cosmetic treatments available out there, a hydrafacial is a great way to go. A non-invasive, non-surgical treatment designed to enhance the skin by directly targeting free radical damage, hydrafacial combines a four-step process of intense cleansing, a peel, extractions/exfoliation and serum infusion. It is safe for all skin types and the results are immediate. Hydrafacial targets oily skin, treats acne, removes dead skin and blackheads, reduces pore size, protects against free radical damage and produces a glowing complexion. These are all great things yet can, initially, cause break outs as your skin acclimatises to the sudden attention so don’t make the mistake of booking in for treatment one week out from the Melbourne Cup Carnival. Make a plan for the next few weeks to give your skin some gentle encouragement and essential settling time pre Derby Day.


If you are perhaps a little older (“ahem”), and/or already accustomed to receiving some minor tweaks to your complexion and facial structure, then now is the time to get in to see your trusty dermatologist for treatment. Laser treatments for skin resurfacing and injectables for creating improved facial structure and subtle enhancements are highly effective yet can be associated with minor down time and a time stamp on their durability (although there are certainly options that are permanent or last up to 2 years). With the outcomes of most treatments lasting from a minimum of 3 months, now is a great time to book a consultation to explore the avenues available to you. 

Hint: Our Active Combat Zinc Stick is a great way to safely cover the temporary surface side effects (redness and slight bruising for example) that can follow some cosmetic treatments. 

Images by Liz Sunshine.

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