The Bespoke Skin Technology Ethos (Part 1)

Bespoke Skin Technology has just celebrated its first year and, with that milestone under our belts we thought it perfect timing to chat a little about why we came to be. What it is that Bespoke Skin Technology achieves that no other skin care brand collectively does. And how that is ultimately reflected in the complexions of those who covet great skin.


At Bespoke Skin Technology, we are passionate about two things - science, and bringing that science to you. With two esteemed Australian Dermatologists at the helm, Assoc. Prof. Greg Goodman and Dr. Katherine Armour, we harness a combined 40 years of cosmeceutical knowledge and invaluable learnings gathered from listening to our patients and what they need from their skin care. 

We know that everyone is short on time and complicated, multi-step skin care regimes are costly in terms of both time and money. That said, we understand that we all still want the absolute best for our skin, just delivered in as few products as possible. It was therefore of paramount importance that, after years of hearing this same desire from countless patients, we took action. 

We have carefully curated the world’s superior cosmeceutical ingredients into two novel formulations that collectively cater to all the skin's anti-ageing and sun damage repair needs.


In 2017, our founders co-wrote a study published in the Australasian Journal of Dermatology that surveyed a total of 3,267 women in Australia, Canada, the UK and the US. The alarming results have since generated huge media attention after demonstrating that Australian women age up to 20 years (yep YEARS!!!!) faster than their UK and US counterparts.  

Australia's proximity to the equator, the high sun exposure and generally clear atmospheric conditions mean that people living here can experience higher levels of UV and longer wavelength radiation than those in Europe and North America.

These high UV levels put Australians at particular risk of photo-ageing, especially when combined with Australia's traditionally outdoor, sun-seeking lifestyle and a predominately fair-skinned population.

Facial ageing signs include wrinkles, loss of volume, unwanted pigmentation and brown spots, and vascular disorders. The process of photo-ageing depends primarily on the degree of sun exposure and the amount of skin pigment. 

The advanced formulations combined in Bespoke’s Complete Daily Armour and Complete Night Shield (supported by our Active Combat Zinc Stick and Lip Shield & Repair) are designed to provide sun defence, environmental damage prevention, moisture and repair needs in a single application morning and evening. 

“At Bespoke, we really want people to enjoy the world around them, but do it safely with skincare that works in just a couple of steps to comprehensively protect and aid the repair of your skin.”

Bespoke Skin Technology is introducing a new concept to skin care. The notion that you can indeed have it all in a single product application. 

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