Your Skin. Uncovered. With Be Fit Food CEO Kate Save.


Name: Kate Save

Occupation: CEO of Be Fit Food 

Age: 38 years

 What is your daily skin care regime?

"It’s pretty simple and uncomplicated as I work long hours and travel a lot plus I have 2 young daughters…… I wash my face day and night using a make-up remover cloth followed by a gentle cleanser (Aspect usually).
I then use my Bespoke Daily Armour in the morning and the Bespoke Night Shield in the evening as they combine a serum, moisturiser plus active ingredients all in one. I use only a handful of makeup products and I love the Bespoke Active Combat stick as a base, especially when I am working outdoors due to its sun protection plus as it gives me good coverage yet it still looks natural and its so well matched to my skin colour.  The best part is though that it doesn’t move all day. Even when I go for a run or KX pilates after work I get home looking almost like I started (and trust me, I push myself!).
I also drink lots of water and eat really well (and it helps that I own Be Fit Food ha, ha)."

 Why does Bespoke appeal to you and your skin?

"Quality and simplicity are the key to my skincare regime. It feels light and has all the active ingredients I need to feel confident I am looking after my skin. "


How does Bespoke fit your lifestyle?

"As a busy mum-prenuer I am always time poor and I just want to know I am looking after my skin plus I trust the brand given the founders are experienced dermatologists who use the science and create the best products for real results."
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