Your Skin. Uncovered. With Melissa Jade of Fortitude Fitness Studio

Name: Melissa Jade

Age: 23

Occupation: Personal Trainer

|| What is your daily skincare regime?

Outside of my daily regime, I do a few things on a monthly/weekly basis to drastically decrease my daily commitment to my skin. These are;

  • eyelashes (extensions every three weeks)
  • aspect doctor fruit enzyme mask (weekly)
  • book in for a facial (monthly)

Day Regime:

Night Regime;

  • Remove makeup with micellar water
  • Apply Bespoke Complete Night Shield 

|| Why do Bespoke Skin Technology products appeal to your skin?

Bespoke is ahead of the makeup & skincare industry. It saves time and cupboard space but, most importantly it feeds and protects my skin, which is EVERYTHING I look for in skincare products.

|| How does Bespoke fit your lifestyle?

Being a personal trainer, it fits my lifestyle perfectly. It is easy, lightweight, the zinc stick has the perfect coverage for any occasion (and is buildable so you can get the perfect coverage for you) and doesn’t sweat off. 

|| Who do you nominate for a Bespoke Skin Technology trial & why?

Voula Kostakis (@_styleme_fashion)

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