Can laptops and mobile phones really age our skin?

Press  |   September 23, 2020

Can blue light really damage our skin?

If you're anything like us and spend approximately 782 hours a day in front of your laptop or mobile phone, this is going to be a bitch to hear. Because apparently, electronic devices are damaging your skin and causing premature ageing.

So, what's the go here? Is this something we should actually be worried about? Are all of these new skincare products worth our hard-earned pennies? Or is there some super evil marketing wizard who is absolutely killing it at life right now? 

We talked to a dermatologist to find out the truth.

We know that devices such as laptops, phones and tablets emit blue light. And - let’s face it - we are attached to our devices for hours a day, whether it be for work, home workouts or general relaxation," said dermatologist and founder of Bespoke Skin TechnologyDr Katherine Armour.

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