Celebrity Skincare, is it a waste?

Press  |   December 9, 2020

A dermatologist told us most celebrity skincare is a waste of money

Because the market. It's crowded. There's already so much frilly, fluffy hype-y stuff. It's hard enough trying to navigate what products are legit and the ones that aren't worth it, and celebrity skincare brands seem to just add to this confusion.

How does one separate the utter BS from the stuff that's actually worth our money?

Well, we went ahead and asked an expert for her opinion on celebrity skincare lines - 'cause if there's anyone who knows about skin things, it's a dermatologist.

"So far, celebrity skin care brands do not add anything to the existing skincare market. We don’t see new cosmeceutical ingredients or scientific innovation," said dermatologist Dr Katherine Armour from Bespoke Skin Technology


"You are mostly paying for a tiny piece of the relevant celebrity’s 'brand'," said Dr Armour. 


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