Australian's Show The Visible Signs of Aging Up to 20 Years Faster, Dermatologists Launch Miracle Product to Reverse the Signs

Press  |  June 7, 2018

The beauty industry is relentlessly trying to help women wind back the ageing clock and enjoy youthful, glowing skin for longer.

But in bad news for Australians, a Melbourne-based dermatologist has discovered that ladies from Down Under age up to 20 years faster than those in the US or UK
Australian females reported significantly more severe signs of ageing at younger ages and a greater degree of change with age for most features than women from the other countries, particularly the USA.
The targeted features they were looking at included the glabellar (skin between the eyebrows), crows feet lines, tear troughs (under the eyes) and nasolabial folds (next to the nose). 

Of the 1,400 Australian who participated in the study 83 per cent of 24-47-year-olds had moderate to severe photo-ageing and every year of age after 30 years and up to 54 years significantly increased the odds of photo-aged skin.



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