Do you actually need a skincare routine for your neck?

Press  |   February 1, 2021

Is the skin on our neck different to our face? 

You've probably seen a whole heaps of neck-specific masks and creams kicking around, yes?

Well, given our necks are on show every day (give or take a few skivvy/scarf moments), we all know this is a delicate area we need to care for just as well as our face - SPF being the big one. 

But do we need a whole separate routine for our necks? Or will our power-packed face cream do the job just fine?

To get to the bottom of neck skin care and answer the 345 questions we've already posed in this introduction, we had a chat with dermatologist Dr Katherine Armour from Bespoke Skin Technology.

Well, while it may be that little bit thinner, Dr Armour said the skin on our neck isn't really that different to our face. 



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