The 6 skin truths a dermatologist wants you to know

Press   |   November 28, 2019

Do you really need an eye cream? Apparently, no.

Dr. Katherine Armour is a dermatologist and co-founder of Bespoke Skin Technology who, much like skincare guru Dr. Michele Squire who taught us to put down the magnifying mirror and the importance of wearing sunscreen every single day, knows the myths from the misconceptions - as well as what works, and most importantly where to save your money.

#1. Putting collagen on your face doesn’t do anything

Shocked? Don’t be – it makes sense. “Unfortunately, creams formulated with pure collagen can’t live up to their claims,” says Dr Katherine Armour. “The size of the molecule is simply too big to penetrate the epidermis thus too big to get down to the dermis, where you find collagen. Collagen creams are often combined with other key moisturising ingredients like glycerine which leave the skin feeling temporarily plump, and this is where their efficacy ends.”

Dr. Armour suggests swapping collagen creams for high-grade cosmeceutical ingredients instead.


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