The two product Australian skincare routine anyone can follow

Press  |   July 5, 2018


Two step skincare routine

The first thing you notice about Bespoke Skin Technology’s products is the sleek, copper coloured packaging. 
But unlike many skincare brands whose value is limited to aesthetic appeal, Bespoke Skin Technology adds a touch of luxury to everyday life while creating powerful, skin enhancing results.
Inspired by the finding that Australian women age 20 years faster than their international peers, Melbourne based dermatologist Dr Katherine Armour set about creating a skincare line that protects the skin from harsh UV rays and other environmental stressors.
In addition to the rose gold containers, Bespoke Skin Technology stands out on a superficial level as there are only four products in the range. This minimalist approach to skincare is very much intentional as throughout their respective careers both Associate Professor Goodman and Dr Armour noted the sense of overwhelm women experience when faced with a complex, product heavy skincare regimen.



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