How does DNA enzyme repair work?

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What does vitamin A do for your skin?

Vitamin A encourages healthy skin cell production, and are very important to cell production and growth. We also know that Vitamin A stimulates fibroblasts (see our visual explanation-link to illustration). These fibroblasts are the cells in charge of developing tissue that keeps the skin healthy, and from an anti-ageing perspective, firm! This activity happens in the deep layers of your skin. Bespoke Skin Technology harness retinaldehyde, a stabilised form of Vitamin A.

What does GABA do for your skin?

GABA is formerly known as Gamma Aminobutyric Acid, is a relaxing agent. When applied topically, it helps your skin relax while you sleep, and this can have a calming effect on yourself, allowing you to fall asleep easier and deeper.

What does Vitamin D do for your skin?

Vitamin D has both anti inflammatory and positive immune modulating effects when applied to the skin. If you have Vitamin D levels, these low levels may be related to a higher incidence, or more severe likelihood of skin cancer. When you apply vitamin D to the skin, it helps to rapidly increase the cell’s metabolism. It is easily absorbed into the skin, and supports your skin’s immunity.

What do pigment controllers do for your skin?

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What do telomere protectors do for your skin?

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What do antioxidants do for your skin?

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What does sun damage and pollution do to your skin?

Our skin is bombarded by pollution, cigarette smoke, ozone and poor nutrition. These four main factors negatively affect our skin, and result in damage and ageing. They result in what’s called oxidative stress; this damages our DNA, lipids and protein cells in the skin.

The most significant effect of sun damage to our skin is the damage to our DNA. Other damage affects our immune system, skin laxity and lack of plumpness (due to a reduction in collagen production.

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What is the advantage of combining multiple active agents into a single day cream and a single night cream?

The benefits are many, but primarily, you are applying to your skin a highly effective product minimally. Minimal application to the skin is always better, and this costs less ultimately, as you only need three products to get all the benefit you need for healing you skin (aside from sunscreen of course - please still apply this on a daily basis!).

What is the lip repair product doing?

Our lip repair product is designed to help smooth and plump the lips, whilst helping to combat environmental stressors such as ultraviolet light that have produced accumulated damage during the day and need to be repaired while your skin sleeps. Three innovative DNA stabilising enzymes target and seek to repair sun damage and help stimulate the recovery of youthful skin.

How long do I have to use these products to see results?

Our products are designed for long term gain, as we are focused on DNA repair and prolonged use of antioxidants, etc. After three months, you will notice healthier skin, and our Dermatologists would see that at a deeper level too.

How long will shipping take?

We guarantee we will ship your order either day of, or the next business day from ordering. When you receive it will depend on the courier’s policy.

Shipping to New Zealand costs $25

What is Bespoke's cruelty free and ethical policy?

Bespoke Skin Technology is dedicated to protecting the rights of animals. We do not test on animals, and our ingredients come from sustainable, ethical sources. Our skin care products are manufactured in a PETA approved facility, and our cosmetics are all natural minerals and vegan friendly.

What approvals do Bespoke's products have?

Bespoke Skin Technology's skin care products (Day, Night and Lip products) have FDA approval. Bespoke’s Combat Stick has FDA and EU approval. These standards require high quality and rigorous testing (NOT on animals!) to ensure we bring you the best possible products.