Can you send out samples?

Unfortunately we do not offer samples although this is something we're hoping to do sometime in the future. If you would like more information or have any specific questions about our products, please contact our team at

How long will a 50ml bottle last me?

Our 50ml Complete Daily Armour & Complete Night Shield will last you approximately 4 months with daily use. One pump is all it takes. The rate of usage per bottle will vary based on how often you use them.

We recommend taking baseline photographs of your skin prior to use and again when you have finished your products to compare the two, we promise you won't be disappointed.

Are your products safe to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding?

Dream Cream, Luminosity, Radiance Reset and Replenish are all safe during pregnancy and breast-feeding. They were all designed with this in mind.

Products containing Retinaldehyde are not suitable for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Therefore Bespoke Skin Technology's Complete Night Shield is not appropriate during these times.

Who designs your products?

Dr Katherine Armour, a Melbourne based medical and cosmetic dermatologist. You can read more about Dr Armour here.

Are Bespoke Skin Technology products tested on animals?

All Bespoke Skin Technology products are cruelty free.
Bespoke will never test on animals. 

How many shades is your Active Combat Stick available in and do you colour match?

We currently have 7 shades available with some new shades in production. Each Active Combat Stick is individually hand poured by one of our lab technicians.

Not sure which shade of our Active Combat Stick is for you? Our support team is available 24/7 to help you find the perfect match. Contact us with a photo of your skin or let us know which foundation you are currently using and our team will make a recommendation.

I've never used skincare with active ingredients before..

 Well then our products are perfect for you! Designed by our founding Dermatologist, our products are suitable for all skin types. Including those who are sensitive. Our cleansers are gentle enough for daily use and Dream Cream and Luminosity are easily introduced with once daily application. You can increase to twice daily if well tolerated.

For those who have not used skincare with active ingredients before, we recommend applying the Complete Night Shield every second night for the first two weeks. This allows your skin to become accustomed to the Vitamin-A type effects, which may include mild redness and peeling. At the two week mark it is usually appropriate to increase to nightly application. Many active skincare products can make your skin sensitive to UV, so it is important that a high SPF broad-spectrum sunscreen is used during the day.

Are all Bespoke products fragrance free?

Yes. One of our most important brand values is to design products that deliver effective results without adverse reaction for even the most sensitive skin types. Our products won't ever contain fragrance, other than what naturally occurs from our clinically effective ingredients.

How are Bespoke products suitable for all skin types?

Dr Katherine Armour has worked as a dermatologist for 12 years and is reminded everyday that women don't just have one skin issue. Bespoke Skin Technology is suitable for all skin types because we have chosen our ingredients very carefully to combat wrinkles, acne, pigmentation, textural changes and DNA damage. Our antioxidants are soothing, but pack a punch in protecting collagen and stimulating your skin to make more collagen. They also support skin barrier function, blitz unwanted pigment, smooth and brighten your skin.

Do you have any stockists?

Skin Plus Dermatology

Script Skincare

Northside Dermatology

Flawless Rejuvenation

Skinfluence Clinic

Skin Plus Pharmacy

Adelaide Skin Therapy

By Carnie

Is your packaging environmentally friendly? All our new products feature fully recyclable packaging, including Dream Cream which features a completely recyclable airless pump to ensure optimal formulation stability. 

We work with carbon neutral shipping providers and are working towards sustainable packaging. All of our products are Australian designed and all ingredients are ethically sourced.

For any other enquiries please email us at or use our Contact page.