Day & Night Gift Set

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What’s included:

50ml Complete Daily Armour, your ultimate daily defence product to prevent and treat damage caused by UV, visible light and pollution. 

50ml Complete Night Shield  high concentration DNA stabilising enzymes, retinaldehyde, antioxidants, and nourishing hydrators combat the signs of aging and leave the skin luscious and soft. Complete Night Shield is all you need to enhance recovery from the day’s environmental stressors and aid repair of your skin overnight.

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A gift set containing both full size Daily Armour & Complete Night Shield


Complete Daily Armour rejuvenates in one simple step. Using a bespoke formula of potent antioxidants, zinc oxide, DNA repair enzymes (the discovery of which, won a Nobel prize), 10% vitamin B3 and vitamin D.

Complete Night Shield contains DNA stabilising enzymes, retinaldehyde, antioxidants, and nourishing hydrators combat the signs of aging and leave the skin luscious and soft.




Revitalise the appearance of the skin and treat visible signs of aging such as pigmentation, age spots and wrinkles.


Complete Daily Armour – A light lotion with a matte finish. Moisturiser can be applied underneath if needed (Daily Armour contains SPF which is why it is worn on top of a moisturiser)

Complete Night Shield – A nourishing lotion.  


Daily Armour is best used during the day while Night Shield can only be used at night. 


Fragrance Free

Cruelty Free

SLS/Paraben Free

All-in-one day cream

DNA Repair Enzymes

Targets DNA damage that contributes significantly to skin aging. Skin health and appearance are rejuvenated.
Our DNA repair complex also aids in the prevention of pre-cancerous skin lesions such as solar keratoses and non-melanoma skin cancers.

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An antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties that may protect skin cells from sugar related glycation, thus rejuvenating aging skin tissue. 

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Green Tea

A calming, anti-inflammatory antioxidant that helps neutralise the adverse effects of UV exposure and unwanted pigmentation, while reducing collagen breakdown. 

Comprehensive All-in-one Night Cream

DNA Repair Enzymes

Targets DNA damage that contributes
significantly to skin aging. Skin health and
appearance are rejuvenated.
Our DNA repair complex also aids in the
prevention of pre-cancerous skin lesions
such as solar keratoses and non-
melanoma skin cancers.


Superior free radical targeting antioxidant.
Benefits include skin brightening, soothing
and skin plumping via prevention of

Liquorice Root Extract

Reveals luminous skin by combatting
pigmentation. It has soothing anti-
inflammatory properties, great for those
with sensitive skin. acne and rosacea.


An antioxidant with anti-inflammatory
properties that may protect skin cells from
sugar related glycation, thus rejuvenating
aging skin tissue.


This cosmeceutical superstar will protect your skin’s precious collagen & stimulate new collagen production.

Pigmentation and brown spots are also targeted, leaving luminous skin.


Relaxes facial muscles, thus diminishing fine lines.

GABA is also known to improve skin barrier repair. 


Meet the expert

As a cosmetic and medical Dermatologist, Dr Katherine Armour has spent last 13 years honing her knowledge in the field of cosmeceutical skincare. Based in Melbourne, Australia, Dr Armour works in private practice at the renowned Dermatology Institute of Victoria, and also at the Alfred Hospital and Skin Health Institute. Dr Armour is widely published in dermatology literature. She was Consultant Dermatologist to L’Oreal Paris Skincare in Australia and NZ for 5 years, and has worked with many other brands since then.All her work leading up to now has bolstered my desire to create Bespoke Skin Technology.


Safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding

Whilst some women experience an improvement in their background skin condition in pregnancy, others experience significant flares. 9 months is a long time to have to shelve any effective treatment for their acne,melasma or skin aging. This motivated Dr Armour to formulate Dream Cream & Luminosity Revive and Refine Serum. These products contain highly effective, multi-tasking ingredients which fight acne and congestion, fine lines, sun damage and unwanted pigmentation. They are perfect for anyone wanting to rejuvenate their skin. But, most importantly, they are safe for women carrying or planning a pregnancy.

9 reviews for Day & Night Gift Set

  1. Charlene Fiore

    My skin had become quite sensitive to the face creams that I had been using for many years
    I started using bespoke day and night cream recently and already my skin is feeling much calmer
    I am very happy I made the switch to bespoke

  2. Bridget Moss

    I enjoy the fact that you have one cream to provide coverage or eyes, face and neck area.
    Great we quality too.

  3. Jenee Molyneux

    The fact that there are only a few products in this skincare line indicates to me they have got it right with the ingredients. One day product which can be further enhanced with the Active Combat Stick, one night product and a lip product.
    These products work very well on my skin and the improvements in skin tone, wrinkles and sagging are quite noticeable.
    Highly recommended.

  4. kuni yamada

    I only started using these last month, and my skin is still adjusting from quite a bit of peeling from Vitamin A from these, I hope to see more benefits once my skin copes for the daily usage in near future.

  5. TAnya Bolam

    Such a beautiful product! My skin already feels brighter, softer and more hydrated. The service was amazing, highly recommended

  6. Vera Ou-Young

    Highly recommended quality products- effective & ease of use

  7. Nada Brown

    I have been using actives for many years now. I was really impressed with the science behind this product hence the purchase.
    It has only been one week but I have not seen any evidence that it has benefitted me at all. In fact, my skin feels dehydrated, not glowing or luminous. I shall continue using the products and hopefully see an improvement in one months time. I really wanted this product to work but sadly at this moment its not me….. Sorry!

  8. Sara Souter

    Love my Bespoke skincare and have since I started. Love all the products and the simplicity… best products I have ever used! Thanks Bespoke. X

  9. Dean Gemmill

    A friend introduced me to Complete Daily Armour and Complete night shield a few months ago. I have been so happy with the products. My family and friends comment how youthful and well I look. Both are easy to apply.

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