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  1. Robin Moloney

    I was very keen to try the lip shield but there seem to be a couple of things to be ironed out. My applicator had a small burr on it which was uncomfortable to use. I have filed it down with an emery board so is ok to use now. Also the actual cream is just a little gritty and not nice and smooth. I will keep using to see if I get any difference in my lips though.

    Lip Shield & RepairLip Shield & Repair

  2. Lisa Cianci

    Who does our have so much glitter in it and why the orange colour? The glitter is really too much. It was still on my skin after washing my face. I started breaking out after a few days of use so I’d need to use it longer to see any benefits.

    Dream CreamDream Cream

  3. Natalie Perry

    It’s okay. I have dry skin and this product makes me feel hydrated. I like the shimmer and don’t mind the faint scent. For the price tag it’s not a ‘wow’ product and I’m unsure if I would repurchase.

    Dream CreamDream Cream

  4. Dianne Hester

    I loved the ingredient list and I was initially excited to see the sparkles, then I didn’t like applying the product. The colour and sparkles felt a little fake for a base layer and my skin felt clogged

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  5. Hiba Casado

    I liked the packaging. The container feels heavy which makes it seem luxe. The box had a funky smell when I opened it but it quickly aired out. The pump on the bottle is fantastic, i love when i cant contaminate the goods. The cream has a powdery scent, it’s not unpleasant, it’s meh. It’s a beautiful shimmery copper which looks devine, but I feel like the sparklyness although pretty, is unnecessary. The consistency feels like a body moisteriser (so thicker than day face moisteriser, but thinner than night face moisteriser). Feels good to put on the face but then skin starts feeling taunt and that tauntness lasts for hours. I didnt notice any skin changes (good or bad). I used the product am and pm for almost 2weeks.

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    Dream CreamDream Cream

  6. Ottavia Pittella

    Very nice feeling, gentle and protective while looking natural, but very hard to apply. I have to rub it on my fingers and then press it on my face, no chance to spread! It could be richer and have also colours to suit rosy based skin tones

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